Oxalis' Home in the Aethers

Hello!  If you are reading this then you most likely already know who I am.  If you don't, well then!  I am Sandra, sometimes known as Oxalis.
I have a degree in Materials Science Engineering, but my heart actually belongs to Botany and I am presently working towards convincing graduate
schools that this is so, so that I they will want to give me money to earn my Masters.

I've set up this site mostly for myself, as a place to post those bits of my life I wish to share, and as a homebase on the web.  Though this is in itself an updating from what was here, I am planning on putting up a much better page soon.

Friends and Relatives

 My roommate Parsla, who I no longer live with, but still holds the title.

My Brother, of whom I am incredibly proud and will tell you all about given the slightest hint of interest.


Some of my old plant photographs which are rather outdated, new ones will be up soon

Silly sculptures I made at work

Usefull links

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BBC World Service